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War and Refugees – the challenge to palliative care

Joan Marston, ICPCN’s Chief Executive, asks what the palliative care community should be doing to ease the burden of war refugees with palliative care needs. We have all been deeply affected by the humanitarian crises around the world and the pictures of the suffering of so many who have the misfortune to live in regions …continue reading »

Botswana gearing up to provide children’s palliative care

Last week Busi Nkosi, ICPCN’s Advocacy Director, paid a brief visit to Botswana where she was warmly welcomed and held a productive meeting with a number of officials and stakeholders interested in getting the country’s first children’s palliative care service off the ground. Busi reports that the meeting, held at the offices of the Ministry …continue reading »

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

The inspiring story of the amazing Aldrich family from Boise, Idaho, their determination to live life to the fullest and the deep love between their two sons, Noah and Lucas. Last week an article in The Telegraph written by Elizabeth Grice provided a welcome respite from all the bad news going on around the world …continue reading »

Children in war zones – how do we respond?

In recent days reports have emerged from Gaza of the growing child death rate and the devastating impact this is having on families, friends and the community in the Gaza strip. One such report was that of Channel 4’s Jon Snow. His impassioned account of what he has witnessed during his recent trip to Gaza …continue reading »