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Incompatible with Life – a blog post by Lanise Shortell

Incompatible with life. These three words have the power to bring life to a screeching halt for new parents. The terms incompatible with life can fast-forward a family of a seriously ill child into a future they can’t imagine. Hearing the words incompatible with life can quickly deplete hope, cause feelings of isolation, and lead …continue reading »

A Message from our CEO on World AIDS Day

A message on World AIDS Day from Joan Marston, ICPCN’s Chief Executive. “On World AIDS Day we celebrate the successes in significantly bringing down infections in almost all age groups except adolescents and young adults. While we rejoice in all the lives saved, in 2013 there were still 240 000 new infections in children 0-14 …continue reading »

Introducing our first ICPCN blogger

In this first ICPCN Blog post, Melanie Rolfe, who describes herself as a mother, a wife, a dreamer, a dancer, and a doer advocates for families who have a seriously ill child or who have lost a child as their own experts, and hopes to be the vessel to share the wisdom of the families she …continue reading »

Announcing the ICPCN NOW campaign

In 2015 the ICPCN will celebrate our 10 year anniversary. To mark this milestone, the organisation introduced delegates at the 2nd Congress on Paediatric Palliative Care taking place in Rome to the NOW campaign which aims to increase awareness and funds to develop services for children’s palliative care worldwide. Delegates at the 2nd Congress on …continue reading »