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Children in war zones – how do we respond?

In recent days reports have emerged from Gaza of the growing child death rate and the devastating impact this is having on families, friends and the community in the Gaza strip. One such report was that of Channel 4’s Jon Snow. His impassioned account of what he has witnessed during his recent trip to Gaza …continue reading »

Pathways to resilience in families of children in palliative care

Rise Shemilt, a Paediatric Palliative Care Social Worker at The Gaddum Centre in Manchester, UK, provides practical information about pathways to resilience in families of children receiving palliative care. Having a child in palliative care does not affect the child patient alone, but rather “the reality is that the whole family is living with the …continue reading »

Making seaside dreams come true

Anna Perolls, Fundraising & Communications Manager at Hospices of Hope describes the recent glorious seaside holiday enjoyed by a group of children and their families who receive care from Hospice Casa Sperantei in Brasov, Romania. How can you make a child’s dream come true to see the sea, to float on the waves when your …continue reading »