Launch of Global Giving Campaign for PC organisations in Ukraine?

WHPCA, ICPCN and PALCHASE have launched a campaign on Global Giving to support our palliative care colleagues in Ukraine.

CPC Webinar Series

We are delighted to have started our CPC Webinar series - Here you can watch previous webinars and register for future ones

Palliative Care & Covid-19 Briefing Notes

This compilation collects the 27 original and lightly edited Briefing Notes

ICPCN E-Learning

ICPCN launches new COVID-19 and children's palliative care e-learning course

CPC Manual

ICPCN's new Case-Based Manual on Children's Palliative Care aimed at a Global audience


Every donation to ICPCN, no matter how small, will help us make a difference in the lives of children around the globe needing palliative care.

Find a service

Use our map of services to find children's palliative care services around the world.


Membership of ICPCN is free and open to individuals and organisations working or with an interest in the field of children's palliative care.

Children’s Palliative Care relieves unnecessary suffering of very sick children

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Latest News

Monica Baker runs the London Marathon to raise funds for children’s palliative care

The London Marathon is an annual event held in London, United Kingdom. The marathon is typically held in April, but this year it has moved to October due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an ultimate athletic experience along a 26.2 miles course that brings an opportunity to run for a great cause. Monica Baker […]

Pain-relief shortage in poorer countries ‘due to stigma of US opioids crisis’

Please find an article in the Guardian where palliative doctors call for relaxation of laws to redress huge unmet need for drugs among majority of world’s population. Please follow this link: Pain-relief shortage in poorer countries ‘due to stigma of US opioids crisis’ | Global development | The Guardian

150th day of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Cities and villages have been destroyed, we have innocent victims and millions of displaced people. Russia takes in Ukrainian children, distributes Russian passports, imposes Russian culture in educational institutions, and creates filtration camps. Despite such long-lasting horrors, Ukrainians do not give up. The war brings some values to the peak – humanity, honesty, goodness, and mutual […]

New e-learning course on Children’s Palliative Care in Humanitarian Settings

Photo Credit: Flickr/United to end genocide The International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) is excited to launch a new e-learning course on Children’s Palliative Care in Humanitarian Settings. The course was developed in partnership with PallCHASE (Palliative Care in Humanitarian Aid Situations and Emergencies) and is freely available on the ICPCN e-learning platform. Palliative care […]