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Hats on for children’s hospice care!

To celebrate World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, ICPCN has initiated a social media campaign to raise awareness of children’s hospice and palliative care throughout the month of October called #hatsonforchildrenshospicecare. Linking to the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day on October 11, the ICPCN would like to use the entire month of October to …continue reading »

A beautiful essay for World hospice and palliative care day

To honour the memory of her nephew Giampaolo, Luisella Magnani writes these beautiful thoughts about World hospice and palliative care day and ICPCN’s #hatsonforchildrenshospicecare campaign.  The hat on Children’s head, that hat whose size is larger than the Children’s headsize, is the symbol of protection, covering, embracing, comfort, the symbol of ‘universal coverage of palliative care’. …continue reading »

Making time for children to play in palliative care programmes

A paper entitled ‘The role of play in Children’s Palliative Care’ has been published in a special edition of Children – Open Access Pediatrics Journal. It is available as a free download. “The sky’s awake so I’m awake and I have to play.” So says Princess Anna in the popular Disney animated movie Frozen. Children don’t …continue reading »

When comforting a child is a potential death sentence

UNICEF and Save the Children report that thousands of children are dying or being left orphaned as a result of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Resources are needed and new and creative ways to deal with this crises need to be found. Today, 2 October 2014, a report from CNN quotes U.N. child agency …continue reading »

The most surprising thing about children’s palliative care

Joseph’s story was recently released by Moonshine Movies as part of their Indiegogo campaign. In this short film, Joseph’s mother describes her initial shock at being referred to a children’s hospice until she realised that palliative care is far more than end of life care. “The most surprising thing I have learnt about paediatric palliative …continue reading »