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2nd ICPCN Conference
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Our 2nd International Conference took place in May 2016 in the exciting city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The 2nd ICPCN Conference

Our 2nd ICPCN Conference was an enormous success. Catch a glimpse of the wonderful time had by all in Buenos Aires from 18 – 21 May 2016.

A short glimpse of what it was like in Buenos Aires from 18 – 21 May 2016 for all those who were at the conference and all those who were not able to make it. Wonderful people, beautiful city, inspiring presentations….. take a look!

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Praise pours in for 2nd ICPCN Conference held in Argentina

The 2nd ICPCN Conference held from Wednesday 18 May to Saturday 21 May 2016 was a resounding success, attended by a record number of delegates. Two years of planning and hard work to present the 2nd ICPCN Conference, which took place from 18 – 21 May 2016 in the exciting and stunningly beautiful city of […]


Write a message on The Living Wall

If you had just one more day to live and could spend it doing anything you want, what would that be? I’m sure we would all want to be with our loved ones but is there something on your bucket list that you are putting off for ‘some time in the future’? A future that […]


Announcing the release of A Really Practical Handbook of Children’s Palliative Care

ICPCN is delighted to announce the release of A Really Practical Handbook of Children’s Palliative Care for Doctors and Nurses Anywhere in the World by Dr Justin Amery. The book is available as an ebook with the option of a FREE digital download in PDF or ePub format or can be purchased as a hard […]

janet and Matthew

New ICPCN Blog post – Living Life as a Gift

In this latest ICPCN blog, Janet Legemaate gives an honest response to the question boys who live with life-threatening conditions. She writes…. I am often asked “how do you cope?”  I realised when thinking about this question that there are so many reasons for how we do cope with the situation we find ourselves in.  I […]