10 Facts about childhood cancer

  1. Worldwide, every 3 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer.
  2. Childhood cancer causes around 90,000 deaths per year and in high-income countries is the second highest cause of death among 5 – 14 year olds.
  3. WIth early diagnosis and treatment protocols, approximately 70% of childhood cancers are curable.
  4. Childhood cancer is often detected too late because parents and health workers do not have sufficient awareness of the warning signs.
  5. Limited progress in paediatric oncology drug development remains a major concern amongst all stakeholders.
  6. The latest rug developed for childhood cancer in the US was 30 years ago.
  7. Children/adolescents with cancer suffer as a result of sever and toxic treatments which cause lifelong health issues and challenges.
  8. The treatment and care of childhood cancer requires a whole interdisciplinary team, to provide not just the medical treatment of the child, but also the psychosocial support for the child and the whole family.
  9. The introduction of palliative care is an appropriate response at the time of a childhood cancer diagnosis as palliative care can be given alongside treatment.
  10. In most low and middle income countries, palliative care services for children are limited and pain relief medications are frequently unavailable.

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10 Facts about Childhood Cancer

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