Christian radio interview with our Chief Exec. Prof Julia Downing

Professor Julia Downing, ICPCN Chief Executive and Honourary Professor at Makerere University in Uganda

Premier Christian Radio in the UK has recently released a podcast featuring an interview with Professor Julia Downing, the Chief Executive of ICPCN.

Interviewed by Andy Peck from Premier Christian Radio for a programme calls ‘The Leadership File’, Prof Downing, who is also an Honourary Professor at Makerere University in Uganda, talks about how it came about that she went to work in palliative care and about how she came to move to Uganda where she worked full time for 17 years.

The interview covers information on the huge need for more children’s palliative care services and what ICPCN is doing to work towards better access to services. Prof Downing also talks about the need for better access to pain relief medications and the advocacy that needs to be done and is being done worldwide to improve awareness of these issues.

CLICK HERE to listen to the radio interview.

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