ICPCN featured in article in latest IAHPC Newsletter

The work of the ICPCN has been featured in the latest edition of the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) newsletter. Written by our Chief Executive, Prof Julia Downing, the article looks at the influence of the organisation and the gains that have been made since the ICPCN was formed in 2005.

With close to 2000 members and having trained an estimated 3,200 people to date, the ICPCN has changed the lives of many children and ‘Like adding water to a wave, it has helped the global palliative care movement surge forward.”

Commenting on where the greatest need for children’s pallaitive care lies, Prof Downing says ‘we know that there is a high need in many countries across Africa; some have no palliative care physicians and, particularly in West Africa, services have been less available.’  She adds that other areas of great need include sites of natural disasters, refugee camps, people living in unsanitary conditions, and Europe’s migrant population. ‘Access can be a challenge. We have to devise different ways to provide care. The alternative is unacceptable.’

‘Access to palliative care and pain control should be a human right, and we need to continue to fight for the rights of children globally needing palliative care.’

Read the full article here.

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