Calling all keyboard warriors! Comment on WHO Declaration on Primary Health Care by 22 July to include palliative care

The World Health Organization (WHO) is conducting a second consultation requesting input for the Declaration on Primary health Care to be approved at the Global Conference on Primary Health Care (25 – 26 October 2018). The purpose of this meeting is to renew government commitments to strengthening primary health care to achieve universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The first draft of the declaration did not define Universal Health Coverage, and contained no mention whatsoever of palliative care as an essential service within primary care. Despite several palliative care organisations commenting on this, the WHO Secretariat did not include these comments. 

Read the draft declaration here

As part of the global pallaitive care community, ICPCN asks members to help to change this by submitting as many comments as possible to the second consultation, which is only open until 22 July 2018.  The more comments requesting inclusion of palliative care the better. The International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) has prepared a guide for organisations wishing to comment. This guide, which can be found at, is meant to be suggestive only and we ask that you put as many of the comments as possible into your own words.

The WHO website states, “We would like to hear from you. From patient to provider, from policy maker to educator – it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, primary health care is important to us all. The comment period will be open until 22 July at midnight CEST.”

We would be very grateful for your support!

Julia Downing
ICPCN Chief Executive


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