New PALCHASE Survey aims to bring together a community of people interested in providing palliative care in emergency and humanitarian aid situations

Are you interested in palliative care provision for people affected by natural disasters, war, emergency situations and other humanitarian aid situations but not sure how to help? If so, you are asked to complete a newly published survey published by PALCHASE.

Dr Mila Petrova, Research Associate in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care, School of Clinical Medicine at Cambridge University and a member of the Palliative Care in Humanitarian Aid Situations and Emergencies (PALCHASE) Steering group has developed a survey to gather responses to inform the objectives and activities of the organisation and to bring in others to work on the different activities of the organisation.

This survey is targeted at anyone with an interest in issues around palliative and end of life care in humanitarian contexts. As the number of those committed to address this hugely important but largely unrecognised need is growing, the organisation’s Steering Group felt that the time was right to create a more formal group and step up its activities.

PALCHASE brought together the groups of PCHAS (Palliative care in humanitarian aid settings) and PALCHE (Palliative care in complex humanitarian emergencies) and is generously hosted by the International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care.

The Steering Group felt that the best way to develop the priorities and activities of PALCHASE would be by hearing from those with an interest in the field. If you fall within this category, you are asked to please consider filling in this survey as one way of showing your support and interest.

The survey takes between 7-8 and 20-25 minutes, depending on experience and the detail you will be asked to provide.

A survey on similar issues by researchers from McMaster and McGill Universities has also been circulated. PALCHASE is collaborating closely with these colleagues, whose survey aims to draw as broad a picture of the field as possible by reaching as many humanitarian workers and/or palliative care specialists as possible, regardless of whether they know about or are interested in issues around palliative care in humanitarian contexts.

The PALCHASE survey aims to bring together a community of practice of individuals committed to moving the field forwards and are thus reaching out to people with strong interests in the field.

To complete the PALCHASE survey, please click on this link:

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