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This pediatric palliative care library features relevant publications of interest in pediatric palliative care research dating from the current year back to the early 20th century. In total it contains the article information and external links (for full text access) to over 4,000 carefully selected articles, book publications, and editorials. Every month the library is updated with 20-40 newly published articles retrieved from relevant medical databases. These are featured in PedPalASCNet’s Trends in Pediatric Palliative Care Research (TPPCR) monthly mailing list.

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Together for Short Lives Archive of Academic Research

Together for Short Lives are committed to fostering a culture in which academic research flourishes. New abstracts and the Synopsis publication are added online twice a year. You can search their online database by title, author(s), publication year or key word(s).

ChiPPS E-Journal

The ChiPPS E-Journal is produced by ChiPPS (the Children’s Project on Palliative/hospice Services), a programme of the National Hospice and Palliative CAre Organization (NHPCO) and, in particular, by NHPCO’s E-Journal Workgroup. Each of the ChiPPS E-Journal Issues is theme based around a relevant topic in children’s palliative care. You are able to download archived issues from as far back as 2002.

To receive the E-Journal in your Inbox, you need to fill out an online form found here.

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