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‘Humbert Bear likes to doze’ – a tale about generous presence amid childhood trauma
Creator: Alexander Mackenzie
Humbert Bear is not like other bears. He sleeps a lot, but in his sleep has amazing and wonderful adventures, which he is happy to share with his friends and family. This beautifully illustrated book was created to help children and families who are experiencing the challenges that come with the diagnosis of a life-limiting illness to find some comfort.

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Nino’s Mourning Toolkit, Nino the dinosaur &  Nino’s Collection
Creator: Mathilde du Bois
Nino’s toolboxes will help adults answer their child’s question around the difficult subjects. Each toolbox is organised around a story of Nino and contains activities that will encourage going further in the discussion, reflect, express…

The adults’ guides will provide you with advice and tips to help you speak about a difficult subject with your children, while giving you some keys to understand their reactions and what they are able to understand according to their age and stage of emotional development.
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Hope again – Young people living after loss
Hope Again is Cruse Bereavement Care’s website for young people. Cruse is a UK charity that provides support, advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone close to them dies. They also work to enhance society’s care of bereaved people.
“Hope Again” is a place where young people aged 11-18 can share their stories about loss and begin to find ways of hoping again.

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Handy Andy’s Guide to T.P.N.
A child-friendly guide to receiving nutrition through a central line written by Andrew Moore, a 13 year old boy who suffered from and lost his battle to mitochondrial disease in 2008. The downloadable booklet reflects on what it was like to receive all his nutrition via a central line. The book contains word-searches, information and a short story written in his own words.

Handy Andy’s Guide to T.P.N.

The Moon Balloon  A journey of Hope and Discovery for Children and Families
Author: Joan Drescher
The Moon Balloon™ is a way to help children communicate through writing, drawing and symbols. It is a rare combination of beautiful art and therapeutic tool, as useful to the helpers as to those being helped. The Moon Balloon™ is an indispensable tool for parents, teachers, health care professionals and all those concerned with bringing emotional healing to children.Find out more about the book and “The Moon Balloon” Project
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The Purple Balloon
Author:  Chris RashkePublisher: Schwartz & Wade
ISBN:  978-0-375-84146-0
In The Purple Balloon, Caldecott Award winner Chris Raschka, in conjunction with Children’s Hospice International, gently delivers a vital message to seriously ill children and the people who love them—talking about dying is hard, and dying is harder but there are many people in one’s life who can help ease the uncertainty and pain. Chris Raschka’s simple, yet moving illustrations express the phenomenon discovered by health-care professionals that a child—regardless of cultural or religious background—will often draw a purple or blue balloon floating free when aware of pending death, symbolizing a child’s innate knowledge that a part of them will live on forever. The Purple Balloon will help adults and children through a difficult and emotional experience—together.
For more information, visit: A portion of the proceeds of this book will be donated to Children’s Hospice International (CHI), a nonprofit organization founded in 1983, which is paving the way for the establishment of children’s hospice and related services worldwide.

My Living Positively Hand-Book
Copyright © Children’s Rights Centre
Publisher: Jacana MediaISBN: 1-77009-299-0

My Living Positively Hand-Book is a full coloured handbook for children living with HIV.  It encourages children to live positively and to participate actively in the medical and health management of their illness. The book is available in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu and can be downloaded for free from the Children’s Rights Centre Website.

Books on Play
Inclusive Play
Author: Theresa Casey
Publisher: SAGE Publications UK
ISBN: 9781849201247Price: £21.99
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A Chance to Play – A manual promoting play for children in South Africa
Authors: Janet Prest Talbot & Lucy Thornton
Publisher: A Chance to Play
ISBN:  978-0-9814271-2-6
Price: R50
A practical manual with many play activities that have been tried and tested with children all over South Africa.  The book also explores a child’s right to play and has ideas for the advocacy necessary to ensure that safe and appropriate ‘play’ environments are available for children.  It further includes information and training ideas for play leaders and the development of sustainable play programmes. This book can be downloaded or ordered from the Children’s Rights Centre website.
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Hear my Voice
Resources for Advance Care Planning for Children with Serious Illness
An interactive activity designed to engage the child and family in discussions related to their values and beliefs regarding the illness.

“Hear My Voice” is a tool for children and youth with serious health conditions and their families. It is a resource that can be used independently by families or in a facilitated manner with health professionals to promote decisions that are aligned with family values.

The overall purpose of this project was to develop resources for families of children with life-threatening illnesses that would encourage an exploration of decision making from diagnosis, through the trajectory of the illness and at end of life.

The benefits of advance care planning are to improve communication and clarify details of care plans. While advance care planning is widely recognized as important, there are few resources available to families or health professionals to guide them through these important conversations.

Initially designed for children and youth with serious health conditions and their families, this activity can also be used with individuals of all ages who are coping with chronic health conditions. The questions encompass a wide range of conditions and prompt consideration of all family members perspectives.

Across Ages
The questions are applicable to individuals coping with illness at any age and have been used effectively with adult populations.

Across Settings
The activity is portable and easily set up at the bedside, at a kitchen table, or in a family room in a hospice or hospital. As well, this clinical tool can be used in a support group or individual counselling sessions.

Across Illness
The activity can be extended to chronic health conditions by simply removing the entire “tougher stuff” category.

You can download the PDF and print or order the cards by emailing: email hidden; JavaScript is required

Digging Deep: A Journal for Young People Facing Health Issues
Author: Rose Offner, Sherri Sobrato Brisson
Publisher: Resonance House,San Francisco
ISBN: 978-0-9891039-1-6
Price: $18.96

When a child is seriously or chronically ill, parents, friends, and other supportive loved ones want to help. This beautiful guided journal for kids and teens with health challenges offers young people the empowerment they need to take an active role in their emotional health by working through dozens of relevant and meaningful exercises. The colorful art and progression of target questions, through sections such as Exploring My Life, Love and Gratitude, and Your Journey and Heart’s Desires, will inspire kids to explore their deepest feelings, challenges, hopes, and dreams. By discovering their own inner strengths and learning to communicate better with everyone around them, kids will regain the self-confidence and control they need to heal.

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