Seminar: Understanding International Research on Children’s Palliative Care – The ICPCN Experience

Professor Julia Downing will address the topic Understanding International Research on Children’s Palliative Care -The ICPCN experience at a seminar on 22 November at King’s College in London.

As part of a seminar and lecture series, Professor Julia Downing, Honorary Professor at  Makerere University and Chief Executive of the International Children’s Palliative Care Network will be speaking at the Cicely Saunders Institute on the topic: Understanding International Research on Children’s Palliative Care – The ICPCN experienceApproved by the Royal Colleges of Physicians for 1 CPD credit the series aim is to optimise opportunities for local, national and international networking within palliative care and rehabilitation. The Cicely Saunders Institute facilitates seminars to assist in improving practice, education and policy, and the integration of research and clinical endeavours.This lecture is free to attend.

The Speaker

Professor Downing is an experienced palliative care nurse, educationalist and researcher. She has been working within palliative care for 27 years, in the UK, Uganda, Africa, Eastern Europe and globally. She is the Chief Executive of the International Children’s Palliative Care Network, an Honorary Professor at Makerere University and a Visiting Professor at the University of Belgrade, along with several universities in the UK. She has a wide variety of experience in undertaking collaborative research in low and middle income countries and is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Cicely Saunders Institute and the Chair of the UK Palliative Care Research Society.


There is an urgent need for more research in children’s palliative care. Whilst the amount and quality of research has increased over the past decade, the lack of evidence in the field is at risk of hampering developments. Palliative Care Network undertook a Delphi study to prioritise the global research agenda for children’s palliative care. Highlights from these studies will be discussed, along with the challenges and lessons learnt in undertaking collaborative international research in children’s palliative care.


The lecture will take place at the Dinwoodie Lecture Theatre, The Cicely Saunders Institute, King’s College, Bessemer Road, London. SE5 9PJ.

To learn more, you can contact the Cicely Saunders Institute on 0207 848 5357 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required

Download the flyer: Seminar Flyer Julia D November 2017

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