The missing middle : Being a teen with cancer in South Africa – a new ICPCN blog by Cara Noble

Cara Noble is the National Relationship Manager for Service Delivery Programmes at the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). where she has worked since 2011 as a social worker with children and families affected by cancer. She is passionate about helping families cope, adapt and heal through their journey of cancer.

In this latest ICPCN blog which honours the Childhood Cancer Awareness month of September, Cara writes of the difficulties faced by teenagers with cancer in her country.  A problem which is replicated in many other sub-Saharan African countries. Depending on the policy of various hospitals or paediatric oncologists, young South African teenagers are very often shunted off to the adult oncology wards and expected to behave and respond as adults.

In her blog, Cara calls these young people the ‘missing middle’ and calls upon health services providing treatment for this overlooked group to provide a suitable physical environment for them and to ensure they receive the age-appropriate social and emotional support for the challenges they face.

Read her blog here

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