Tweets for the ICPCN NOW Campaign

Now Twitter

Please feel free to use any of these Tweets to help spread the word about the ICPCN Now Campaign. 

Children with life limiting conditions have a right to receive palliative care  #nowcampaign

Children’s palliative responds to the needs of children facing illnesses & conditions that will shorten their lives #nowcampaign

Children’s palliative care  enhances the quality of life of a child & family facing an ultimately terminal condition #nowcampaign

Children’s palliative care focuses on relief of pain & symptoms causing distress and detracting from enjoyment of life #nowcampaign

Every child with a life limiting or life threatening condition deserves the holistic palliative approach to their care #nowcampaign

Palliative care for children should be a compulsory module in the training of all professionals dealing with children #nowcampaign

For children with a life threatening condition sometimes “now” is all that is guaranteed. Act now to support these children. #nowcampaign


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