I will carry you – a new blog from Sabrina McKeithan

Hospice nurse, Sabrina McKeithan, has written a touching new blog for ICPCN in which she describes the joys and sadness experienced by a mother who carries her baby to term despite receiving a life-limiting diagnosis during pregnancy.  

We find out something is wrong with you before you are born; the doctor gave us the option to abort you, not even a consideration for us sweet baby. I will carry you.

As you grow we learn more about what is wrong with you. Your health issues are not going to sustain life for long. I will carry you.

The joy we felt when you were born, I cannot describe the immense love for my tiny sweet baby, I got to meet you face to face, my love immediately intensified. We were told we would not be taking you home. I will carry you.

We got to go home today, my strong wee baby proving the doctors wrong. You are welcomed into our home with so much love from all the family. I will carry you.

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