Calling national palliative care leads to strengthen palliative care language on UHC negotiations

Please help us support the retention and strengthening of palliative care language in the political declaration on Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

In September 2019, governments will be meeting at the UN High Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage in New York to make commitments on progress to UHC. However, the work on the political declaration that will be agreed is happening right now. The first member states consultation in New York will happen on the 7th June. There will then be various negotiations through June/early July. 

If member states do not support the retention and strengthening of palliative care language during the negotiations, then it will not happen.

This is also an important opportunity for national advocates to build government support for palliative care and health care throughout our lives as part of UHC in the run up to the High Level Meeting.
We, with the IAHPC and WHPCA, have reviewed the zero draft and suggested language that we want member states to propose and support during the negotiations. To achieve this we are providing a draft letter for you (national advocates) to adapt for your government lead on UHC as well as a marked up version of changes we would like to see in the zero draft.
To influence the process we are requesting national  palliative care leads to:

  1. Adapt the letter in the link provided with your details and send it to the lead in your government on UHC. You can also attach the zero draft with markups highlighting where we are requesting text is added (attached).
  2. If possible, follow up the letter with a phone call to check it has been received and whether the government is able to propose or support this language.
  3. Engage with civil society allies in your country working on UHC to request they support this language when they are talking to your governments. Also it is important to engage and participate in any collective civil society action on UHC around this meeting.
  4. Let us know whether your government will agree to propose the language we are suggesting and supporting the stronger inclusion of palliative care in the political declaration and in commitments made at the meeting.

We are aware that there are attempts to significantly cut the political declaration so our priority is to retain paragraph 6 (which gives the definition of UHC including palliative care) as well as strengthen commitments on national health financing and primary health care throughout people’s lives.  If it is helpful to use international logos on the letter e.g. WHPCA, IAHPC and ICPCN please let us know and we will add them.
If you have any questions, please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required and email hidden; JavaScript is required

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