Children’s Palliative Care Webinar Series

“Congratulations and thank you for being a constant motivation to stand for children’s palliative care”

(Participant attending a webinar)

We are delighted to have held the event in our monthly series of webinars on children’s palliative care. This session covered Managing ethical issues in children’s palliative care.

We plan to run a 1 ½ hour webinar every month on the third Thursday of the month which will usually be from 1-2.30pm UK although the time may vary depending on which time zones the presenters are in so please check each session. We appreciate that this time will not be convenient for everyone, due to work commitments and different time zones, so we will be recording them and making them available here on our website so that you can join us later if you are unable to join us live.

Our next webinar will be held on Thursday 16th February 2023 from 1-2.30pm UK time.  In the next webinar, we will be exploring issues around outcome measurement in children’s palliative care.

Please find the registration link here

“Thank you ICPCN. Looking forward to future sessions and will encourage others in the PC field to register for these”

(Participant attending a Webinar)

Programme for the CPC Webinar Series

DateTopicLink to the Recording of the Webinar
16th September 2021Launch of the Book and the Webinar SeriesClick here to watch
21st October 2021– Children’s Palliative Care Across a Range of Conditions, Settings and Resources
– Holistic Assessment
Click here to watch
18th November 2021– Communication with Children and their FamiliesClick here to watch
16th December 2021– Respiratory Care
– Fatigue
Click here to watch
20th January 2022– Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment of Pain in Children with Serious IllnessClick here to watch
17th February 2022– Gastrointestinal Symptoms
– Nutritional Support
Click here to watch
17th March 2022– Psychological Care and Distress
– Social and Cultural Support
Click here to watch
21st April 2022– End-of-Life Care
– Supporting the Family at the Time of Death
Click here to watch
16th June 2022– Spiritual Care
– Anticipatory Grief and Bereavement Support
Click here to watch
21st July 2022– Perinatal and Neonatal Palliative CareClick here to watch
18th August 2022– Supporting the Adolescent and Young Adult
– Collaborative Working and use of National, Regional and International Networks
Click here to watch
15th September 2022– Ethical IssuesClick here to watch
17th November 2022– Empowering the Team Through Education
– Integrating Research into Care
Click here to watch
19th January 2023Children’s Palliative Care in Humanitarian SettingsClick here to watch
16th February 2013Outcome Measurement in Children’s Palliative Care
Please note these topics may change according to availability of presenters and panelists

For more information about our webinar series please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required

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