Global Ambassador – Dianne Gray

Dianne Gray is CEO of Hospice and Healthcare Communications and CIO of Acclivity Health Solutions She’s also an author, film consultant, producer, on-camera TV host, frequent segment guest and is an innovation expert for tech, communication and healthcare companies.

Dianne is an 11-year board member and former president of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation, past ICPCN board member and co-founded the American Academy of Paediatrics’ SOHPM’s Parent Advisory Group.

She has contributed to over 100 projects, publications, films, textbook chapters, research and has also quietly guided hundreds of people around the world through end of life.  She’s also worked with thousands who are hoping to find peace while coping with deep grief.

Dianne’s global keynotes focus on advocating for the needs of seriously ill people and their family members who are hoping to live as fully as possible while facing end of life and profound loss.   Her unwavering commitment to improving care for seriously ill children worldwide is born from her 14-year experience as caregiver and mom for son, Austin, who died in 2005.   Being in observance of Austin’s profound suffering helped to shape Dianne’s belief that this journey is about loving unconditionally and living as fully as possible until that singular moment when life ends. She is incredibly grateful for the life of her daughter and all her patients and their family members have taught her.

On a personal note, she’s a world championship angler, adventured in the open ocean with humpback whales and has traveled to 19 countries and over 400 cities thus far. She graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in Sports Management and has a passion for neurology.  She has done extensive graduate work in grief studies and palliative care and co-created university-level advanced degree coursework in paediatric palliative care.

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