Global Project – Palliative Care and COVID-19. Holistic Care of Children and Symptom Control

On Friday 8th May we had a really interesting webinar on holistic care of children and symptom control in the era of COVID-19. It was based on the four briefing notes that have been developed on this theme as part of the wider series of briefing notes and webinars.

The session was chaired by our ICPCN Chief Executive Prof Julia Downing and alongside the three speakers, Sharon Thompson, a mother with lived experience of palliative care, shared her reflections and thoughts. We were joined by participants from around the world and questions were put to our panel which included not only the speakers and Sharon, but also Dr Rut Kiman from Argentina and Lizzie Chambers from the UK. 

If you were unable to attend, the recording of the webinar is available to watch and can be found here

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