UK launch of the CPCET Framework


The UK launch of a new standard designed to help people from all sectors to learn and improve children’s palliative care education and training took place on Thursday 26th November at 16.00hrs. Please note this is a launch for the UK and there will be an International Launch early in 2021 and more information to follow.

About this Event

The Children’s Palliative Care Education and Training United Kingdom and Ireland Education Standard Framework and Self audit tool was developed in 2019-20 to standardise children’s palliative care learning. The documents were developed by Action Group which comprises champions from Institutes of Higher Education, clinical practice and 3rd sector allied organisations.

The framework is not intended to regulate or limit education programmes, but to provide a framework which we hope educationalists will want to use to coordinate and quality assure their programmes. The framework extends across four levels: Public Health, Universal, Core, Specialist, and has been developed for use across all learning delivery settings and disciplines. A self-audit tool has been developed to enable programme leads to evaluate their course.

Speakers included Professor Julia Downing, Chief Executive International Child’s Palliative care Network and Andy Fletcher, Chief Executive Together for Short Lives.

The documents, along with a recoding of the launch, are housed on the ICPCN website which can be accessed here



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