ICPCN Mumbai Declaration 2014

12 February 2014

ICPCN Mumbai Declaration 2014

We believe that all children (neonates, children and young people) have the right to the best quality of life. When they have life-limiting conditions they have the right to high quality palliative care to meet their needs.

We believe that euthanasia is not part of children’s palliative care and is not an alternative to palliative care. It is imperative that we work together to improve access to children’s palliative care around the world, including ensuring access to appropriate pain and symptom control.

We call on all governments to transform children’s lives through the development of children’s palliative care, and in particular we urge the Belgian government to reconsider their recent decision to allow euthanasia of children.

This includes:

  1. Access to children’s palliative care within the children’s health care system
  2. Access to appropriate pain and symptom management (including medications) for all children
  3. Supporting children and their families to be able to live their lives to the best of their ability for as long as possible.

Download the declaration

English: ICPCN Declaration of Mumbai 2014
French: Déclaration de l’ICPCN de Mumbai, 2014 – French
German: MUMBAI ICPCN Erklärung 2014
Italian: ICPCN_Dich_Mumbai_2014_Italian
Norwegian: ICPCN Mumbai Declaration – Norwegian
Portuguese: Declaração de Mumbai traduzida – Portuguese
Spanish: ICPCN Declaración de Mumbai – Spanish


Download the press release on the Declaration

Press release – Mumbai Declaration
Communiqué de presse – Déclaration de l’ICPCN de Mumbai, 2014

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