ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool for children

What is pain?

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. It is one of the major reasons children present to healthcare facilities.

Pain is usually described according to several relevant features or attributes, such as:

  • Quality
  • Location
  • Intensity
  • Frequency

The intensity of the pain has been recognised as one of the most relevant clinical dimensions of the pain experience.

Why is pain assessment important?

Good pain assessment is the cornerstone for good pain management. A systematic, routine pain assessment using validated measures is considered to be the foundation of effective pain management and control for patients of all ages, condition or setting.

ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool for Children

Research undertaken by the ICPCN indicated that there is an under assessment of pain in children and we wanted to find a way to change this.

There are several pain scales available for measuring pain, including charts that use faces to indicate the level of pain and numerical measurement scales. However, those who care for children may not always have easy access to such a chart. In addition, the ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool will keep an easily accessible record of the child’s responses over time.

With the ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool, three different pain scales are immediately available on your phone.

Watch a video testament from Huyaam who uses the app

Huyaam Samuels is a university student living in Cape Town, South Africa. Huyaam lives with chronic pain as a result of an inherited condition. Huyaam has been using the ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool for over a year and has found it to be extremely helpful in the management of your pain.

She says, “I definitely recommend this app to anyone suffering from chronic pain. It has become my best friend when I go to my doctor.” 

Listen to her testimony of the ease of use and usefulness of using this tool.


The ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool for Children is an App that can be downloaded on both android and Apple devices. 

The scale provides the option of a faces, numeric or hand pain scale to use with children from between 3 years of age upwards and records the child’s responses to allow monitoring of the type and level of pain the child is experiencing. The app has the following features:

  1. The app is universally relevant to children of all races and cultures.
  2. It provides an intuitive, child friendly and interactive pain scale.
  3. The App tracks and measures the child’s pain type and levels over an extended period of time.

Screens from the pain assessment tool


How can you access the ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool App?

The ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool App is free to download from the Apple iStore and Google Play Store. Open the relevant store on your phone / tablet and type in ‘ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool’. Download and start using the app.

Donate towards the future development of the app

While the app is provided free of charge, ICPCN is keen to make the app available in many different languages and would be grateful for any donation which could be put towards these developments.

Please donate here.


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