ICPCN’s e-learning programme

elearning-programmeWelcome to ICPCN’s e-learning programme. The ICPCN has recognised the need to make training on children’s palliative care accessible and affordable to all who need training. Thus we are developing several short courses as part of a longer term strategy of providing elearning programmes on children’s palliative care.

The courses
Our courses are helpful to professionals and lay people working with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. We have developed several short courses as part of a longer term strategy of providing e-learning programmes on all aspects of children’s palliative care. Some or all of the courses are presently available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Mandarin, Dutch, Czech and Vietnamese.

Our e-learning modules have a theoretical and clinical component. You can choose to do just the theoretical component if you so wish.

Should you wish to improve your knowledge and understanding of children’s palliative care without leaving home, the ICPCN’s e-learning certificate courses will keep you up-to-date with the latest information in the field.

The following courses are currently available:

  1. Introduction to children’s palliative care
  2. Pain assessment and management for children
  3. Childhood development and play in children’s palliative care
  4. Communicating with children and emotional issues in children’s palliative care
  5. End of life care in children’s palliative care
  6. Grief and bereavement in children’s palliative care
  7. Neonatal palliative care – an introduction
  8. Symptoms other than pain
  9. Adopting a children’s palliative care approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic
  10. Children’s Palliative Care in Humanitarian Settings

What do I need?
A computer
Access to the internet. (DSL is recommended)
A clinical site where children’s palliative care is being practised so that you can undertake the clinical assessment which forms part of the course

What is the cost?
Absolutely nothing – it is free

How does it work?

  • Log on to: www.elearnicpcn.org
  • Click on the e-learning logo or menu item. You will be taken to the e-learning page.
  • Provide some personal details and create a personal log in, which you use every time you access the site.
  • Choose which course you would like to undertake.
  • Begin working on the course.
  • You can stop at any stage and return later.
  • Complete the assessments throughout the course and then the one at the end of the course, which includes a clinical assessment.

And then what?
On successful completion of the final assessment of the course you will be able to download your certificate.

Click here to access ICPCN’s e-learning certificate courses


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