Our Global Ambassadors

The ICPCN has a growing number of ambassadors. An ambassador is a celebrity, a public figure or a professional leader who is willing to become a figurehead for ICPCN and palliative care for children.

The role of an Ambassador is to be an active supporter of ICPCN and palliative care for children, willing to promote the mission, values, aims and objectives of ICPCN at every opportunity.

Amongst other activities, ambassadors agree to:

  • Work with ICPCN to enhance ICPCN’s credibility in the professional sector
  • Significantly improve ICPCN’s network and reach
  • Promote whenever possible ICPCN campaigns and events via social media and other marketing or educational opportunities.
  • Enhance the status of ICPCN by their willingness to be publicly associated with the objects and activities of ICPCN.

Our Global Ambassadors include:

Michelline Etkin














Joan Marston














Dianne Gray


Svetlana Statkevich


Lucy Watts






























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