ICPCN aims to provide a global voice for children’s hospice and palliative care and to advocate for the rights of children to receive the palliative care they require.

ICPCN’s Advocacy Objectives and Activity Plan

To provide a strong voice for children’s hospice and palliative care by:

  • Creating champions for children’s palliative care who will promote and advocate for children’s palliative care (CPC) in their regions or countries
  • Identifying and recruiting ambassadors who are willing to attach their names to the promotion of children’s palliative care internationally
  • Assisting in the building of advocacy capacity in the following countries:

North Sudan

To ensure that advocacy activities are rooted in a strong evidence base.

  • Develop necessary and review existing position/discussion papers on specific issues based on scientific evidence. These will be sent to target agencies e.g. UN CRC, WHO, donors, etc.
  •  Liaise with research and scientific sub-committees.

To engage with influential global, regional and national bodies as an essential component of the advocacy strategy.

  • Meet with the following agencies

World Vision
Save the Children
NCD Child

Target key international awareness raising opportunities.

  • Identify international and national awareness raising days, plan and implement activities to promote Children’s Palliative Care.

Achievements to date include:

The ICPCN team has supported the Kenyan Hospice and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA) in providing further CPC training in that country and the visit of Dr Patrick Mburugu for an internship in South Africa.

ICPCN has participated in the training of health care professionals in Zambia, Kenya, Sudan and Swaziland and the training of post graduate nurses in South Africa. 

We continue to recruit champions and ambassadors worldwide.

Busi Nkosi, has met with leaders and established good relationships within the following influential organisations:

  • WHO  
  • World Vision
  • Elizabeth Glazer Paediatric Aids Foundation (EGPAF)
  • NCD Child  (For children with Non Communicable Diseases)

Current ICPCN Activities include: 

  • Developing an African Regional Strategy for advocacy in Children’s Palliative Care
  • Assisting Swaziland in developing a country strategy for CPC
  • Promoting the WHO Pain Guidelines
  • Engaging with the WHO
  • Assisting South Africa and Malawi to integrate CPC into their nursing curricula
  • Continuous networking 
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