Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023

ICPCN is the global umbrella organisation for children’s palliative care. Our mission is to achieve the best quality of life and care for children and young people with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions, their families and carers worldwide, by raising awareness of children’s palliative care among the public, health professionals and policy makers; advocating to governments and international organisations for the global development of children’s palliative care services; expanding the evidence-base for children’s palliative care; and sharing expertise, skills and knowledge with our global network of members.

We are the only global organisation working to improve access to palliative care to the 21 million children worldwide who need it. ICPCN is recognised globally as the leader in palliative care for children and has a world renowned expert leadership, a wealth of educational resources and a network of members in over 125 countries.

Through this network, ICPCN is uniquely placed to advise, educate and support at a national and regional level on best practice in the field. As a central repository for information relating to paediatric palliative care and with a global perspective of what is happening in the field, ICPCN is in an ideal position to strategically advocate for the development and improvement of services, the creation of palliative care policies that include children and their families and the implementation of these policies, thus increasing access to children’s palliative care.

ICPCN focuses on five key areas:

Making use of the acronym, CARES, the strategic work of the ICPCN is focused on the following areas:

  1. Communication
  2. Advocacy
  3. Research
  4. Education
  5. Strategic development

1. Communication

To create a step-change in global awareness of ICPCN messages and access
to ICPCN resources by reinforcing ICPCN’s position as the global authority on
children’s palliative care and as a hub of information and resources, and by
using a strategic combination of “pull” and “push” communications strategies
to achieve a wider reach.


  1. Updating of communications resources
  2. Updating digital platforms and materials
  3. Equipping, empowering and growing the network
  4. Dissemination of ICPCN key messages

2. Advocacy

To work towards inclusion of CPC in UHC worldwide by carrying out targeted
strategic advocacy with world leaders at both a global, regional and national
level, use of a suite of WHO-approved advocacy resources which are adaptable
at country level; and by harnessing the network to use these resources to
strategically advocate in their own localities


  1. Advocacy resource development
  2. Advocacy training
  3. Advocacy at a global and regional level
  4. Advocacy at a national level

3. Research 

To expand the evidence-base for CPC through initiating research, collaborating
on research in strategic areas, supporting other organisations with resources
and signposting to carry out their own research and disseminating research
for maximum impact.


  1. Drive / Initiate research
  2. Collaborate on research in strategic areas for global children’s pallaitive care
  3. Support research
  4. Disseminate research

4. Education

To develop as a hub for the provision of training information; to provide high quality
CPC education which meets an identified global need; and to support
and empower the ICPCN network to train in their own localities, thus improving
the care given to children and their families.


  1. Identify global training needs and co-ordinate central training repository
  2. Review and further develop e-learning course in response to need
  3. Expand our e-learning training available according to demonstrable identified need
  4. Facilitate face-to-face training

5. Strategic development

To support the strategic development of children’s palliative care services
worldwide through equipping and empowering the network with resources,
training and mentorship; and facilitating the development of centres of
excellence in strategic locations.


  1. Empower and equip the network to establish palliative care services
  2. Support development of centres of excellence in strategically identified locations

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ICPCN Strategic Plan 2019-2023 final


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