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The World Hospice and Palliative Care Day theme for 2013 was: ‘Achieving universal coverage of palliative care: dispelling the myths’.

The ICPCN felt that it was important to use this opportunity to highlight myths that pertain specifically to children. We have designed a number of advocacy materials which you are encouraged to use in any way you think appropriate to increase awareness and educate people within your sphere of influence about the myths and realities of children’s palliative care.

Download our brochure and posters on myths and facts in children’s palliative care

Myths and Facts - English





ICPCN has designed a brochure and a poster highlighting common myths in children’s palliative care. These myths, and their corresponding facts are as follows:

Myth 1: It is difficult to assess pain levels of babies and young children and unsafe to prescribe opioids for their persistent pain.

– Various methods and tools can be used to assess pain in children and neonates.
– Opioids can be effective and safe to use in the care of children and neonates when used by trained and knowledgeable professionals.

 Myth 2: Children can be treated as small adults.

– Children think, behave and communicate differently to adults.
– Children are always developing so each child will be at a different stage of development.
– Children need appropriately designed services to meet their assessed needs.

Myth 3: Children don’t know they are dying unless we tell them that they are.

– Many children are aware that they are dying but they want confirmation from adults.

Download the brochure
Updated Myths and Facts in CPC Brochure bleed

Myths and Facts in CPC Brochure (English)
Myths and Facts in CPC Brochure – Romanian
Myths and Facts in CPC Brochure – Serbian

Download the posters

Myths and Facts Poster – Afrikaans
Myths and Facts Poster – Dutch
Myths and Facts Poster – English
Myths and Facts poster – French
Myths and Facts poster – German
Myths and Facts poster – Norwegian
Myths and Facts – Portuguese
Myths and Facts poster – Romanian
Myths and Facts poster – Russian
Myths and Facts poster – Serbian
Myths and Facts poster – Spanish
Myths and Facts – Swahili
Myths and Facts – isiZulu





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